The Loss in Living

by Restore

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"The Loss In Living" is a two song demo featuring "The Lincoln Rail" and "1122."

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released April 26, 2012

Mixed/Produced by: Eric Lee
Photograph by: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani



all rights reserved


Restore Palatine, Illinois

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Track Name: The Lincoln Rail
The whistle’s cry cuts through the silence.
The bars bent like broken bones.
Smoke bellows from a gunmetal mouth.
The clouds fade to gray and the ashen air takes their breath away.

The wood underfoot is aged, decayed.
As is the tie of two that stand upon.
Splintered surface, splintered hearts.
Chiseled away by broken promises.

So turn and go, it's time to leave this place.
There's nothing left for him to say.
So turn and go, it's time to leave this place.
There's nothing left for her to say.

His hands tremble, heart beats with unfixed pace.
His conscious, relentless, a painful ringing in his head.
Her hands settle, heart beats with steady pace.
She's jaded, exerted, she needs to rest her weary head.

And so he's left with letters she's always sent.
Handwritten postcards; reminders of way back when their bond was stronger. And her words depicted how the travels were nothing but distance: Their ease serene, the calmest composure, it made them vivid, and it brought them closer.
And so he's left unable to connect what he's lost to the day they first met.

In this calm and quiet, he longs to hear her voice break the silence.

But instead, he is met with her absence. 
But instead, he is left with her absence.

And that train rolls farther away, farther away, farther and farther.  And with time she grows farther away, farther away, farther and farther.
In this calm and quiet, he longs to hear her voice break the silence.
Track Name: 1122
Carefully cradled surrounded by life lines.
Cage heaving, collapsing. Wait for the next time.

Below your bedside, it's hour 26.
The edges of our eyes, have yet to press a seal.
The pacing of footsteps have creased to skip a beat.
Numbers come and go, lines on the screen ebb and flow.

Whispering winds, stirring your sleeping.
While death's breath brushes your face.
Struggle you may, suffer you may.
But this is not your time nor your place.

Breathe deep. Take your time. Rest your head. Ease your mind.
You'll never be alone. We'll never leave this bed.
I know you're scared but a heart like yours knows no end.

A cycling of hands twined with your fingers.
Silently saying that we're always with you.
And we'll never let go. We'll never let go.

You have to make it through or we're not certain of what we'll do.
Who will be there to warm our hearts and brighten our world on the darkest of nights?

So come back to us, let us leave this place.
Take you home, we'll share in our love and speak of what was.
And most dear of all, see that smile on your face.